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TheHurtmaster 2013年3月7日 12時02分
Save games
so i have a problem when i completed like alot of the game and then when i decided to play it again a little i just got all the dlc's again i checked appdata\local\♥♥♥♥♥♥♥\203160 (numbers from the steam page) and the stuff was there i backup'd my saves and ive been trying and nothing anyone else having this issue cause i really need help
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ComfortablyNumb 2013年3月7日 12時05分 
you don't need a credit card gamestop and some other places sell gift cards you can add to your steam wallet
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TheHurtmaster 2013年3月7日 12時07分 
changed that anyways on the gamestop no use lithuania sux so hard that they dont have a game shop that sells steam stuff if they had it you think i'd be sittin here without moneh on steam
ComfortablyNumb 2013年3月7日 12時09分 
ouch that sux.......there i'll remove it from mine as well
TheHurtmaster 2013年3月7日 12時09分 
so any ideas?
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