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Mozzarella 6 MAR 2013 a las 3:46
Progression reverted from 40% -> 9%. Cloud save issue?
Last night I was somewhere near 40% progression. I was trying to reach the pilot with flares before digressing and completing an optional tomb. It was a yamatai temple in a ravine with very strong winds. After getting the treasure I went back to the camp, and quit.

I assumed the cloud synced the progress.

Today when I launched the game I found that I was at 9% progression, at the beginning in a broken down tall Japanese building with fire catching up.

It seems the cloud save didn't sync properly....and there are no harddrive save location.
However the trophies that I have unlocked remain unlocked....

Any suggestions? I am so furious right now...I really don't want to waste my time trekking along past progressions
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Fishy 7 MAR 2013 a las 12:33 
I've had the same problem, got to the exact same temple, updated my skills at the camp and quit out but game sent me back to just before the radio tower
MrJack 15 MAR 2013 a las 15:38 
Ok same type of issue, 53% => 9%, it's a shame !!!!

The only thing strange, steam ask me if I want to use a cloud or a local save just before stating the game (even if I never got this message before). I choose local, and now I'm really♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off !!

26 hours of the game are lost (but still, I've got my success board to prove that !!!!!).
Dellicious 15 MAR 2013 a las 15:56 
Steams fault...don't blame Tomb Raider for this one.

Like always...BACK UP YOUR SAVES...and always UPLOAD your latest local files to steam cloud.
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Tomb Raider > Discusiones generales > Detalles del tema
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