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Dinosaurs With Laser Beams 2013年4月6日 11時33分
From start to finish I absolutely loved this game. I beat it 100% ingame on my first trip through but I want to keep playing in the same save. But like all have said, barely any enemies respawn once you beat their respective areas. PLEASE release a patch that will have them respawn. This game truly is excellent and it is a shame that single player mode, at the end, has little replay gain except for just playing it over if you want to.

Also let us select levels on casual modes in multiplayer.
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fatwednesdayite 2013年4月6日 14時35分 
Great suggestions. The same thing annoys me. Once you kill the scavengers they never return. Also, if they did add something like that, make sure they respawn in number. Killing two enemies is not enough - spawn groups of ten or 15 scavengers, just to make it more fun and challenging.

I hope that Crystal Dynamics do work on the longevity of the game in the sequel. There must be something that they add or make that will make gamers want to play the game after completion. Otherwise, people will never take this game seriously. Making the enemies respawn would be a small step towards that as you could always expect a fight when you turn on Tomb Raider.

Additionally, scrap the MP and relocate all the time on that to making the SP a never-ending experience. With all the MP packs they have been making, they could have already created a patch addressing some of the problems with the SP and adding things like respawning enemies etc.
fenke 2013年4月6日 15時20分 
Shanty town was quite fun on return, couple of groups and patrols.
But why not play a new game?

fatwednesdayite 2013年4月6日 15時40分 
fenke の投稿を引用:
Shanty town was quite fun on return, couple of groups and patrols.
But why not play a new game?

Mainly the upgrades. I would love to test out my fully upgraded weapons on some enemies.
fenke 2013年4月6日 16時04分 
Ok, there were quite a few enemies in Shantytown when I returned, some were patrolling, others seemed to have grouped, the tomb entrances had some nearby. There was a group in Mountain village near the recent crash site and some throughou the area, and I think some on the beach. Haven't been to many more places. Should be enough to test the upgrades on.
HERMES CHTHONIUS 2013年4月7日 2時37分 
Did the enemies respawn or were they missed (not in the area)the first time around?I like many others I too went back over the map a second time (using the original save) and it seemed to me that these other enemies were probably stagglers.Is full completion not just finishing side quests and the little tasks undertaken during game play ie hunting animals and the like.I agree that respawning enemies would add more of a chalenge to the game and give longevity and keep people interested longer.Or,on the flipside,rush another game out whilst people are still focused on this one?.Does profit come first or peoples interests!
fenke 2013年4月7日 2時48分 
I don't miss enemies.

They were new, not respawns as such, different groups and patrols. I had 100%, you have to go all over the place collecting documents, relics and GPS caches to get 100% so it's pretty hard to miss anyone.

It's not a game to rush out and since they weren't sure how this one would be received they probably didn't even start on a sequel.
HERMES CHTHONIUS 2013年4月7日 3時28分 
This was not meant to be a comment on your gameplay.Or to cast Aspersions.[It was just my thoughts] [I had when I] went back around the game again.And xp was only gained by killing.All of the other acheivements when completed added to the actual 100% completion.The Emphasis is on I = ME and [My] thoughts and views and [My] opinions and what I thought went on whilst playing T.R. I do appreciate that everyone has their own opinion and that they can also freely express this without me taking it as some form of slander or me being offended in any way by anything written on community discussion boards.
fenke 2013年4月7日 3時40分 
Ballbagg De Sakker ©™ の投稿を引用:
This was not meant to be a comment on your gameplay....
No, no quite allright, it was meant jokingly, you gave a good opportunity to write that, thanks for offering it :)

I don't really know about the Xp, I've got a DLC included wich give a couple of skills so I tend to fnish with unspent skill points. I prefer to complete everything before finishing because I know I can't get really back 'into it' once the credits have rolled. But I did take a look and found it quite fun with the additional fights. Shanty town sorta kept you on your toes, in part because Lara wouldn't crouch as easily as before, hearing them would be the first indication that you're not alone.
╙Mλgíċaℓ Ήøﻇσ╜ 2013年4月7日 11時10分 
i dont understand how some ppl can replay games like this
was good but i would never go back to it unless i was showing some1 new to it
its so linear
xtranet 2013年9月28日 14時55分 
This is driving me nuts. I have zero interest in playing the game over again without my upgrades. I beat the game, have 100%, but missed a few of the achievements that require enemies. While I ran into a few when I went back to some camps. Areas that I know I cleared out the first time through, I though it has re-spawning. But I can't find any more enemies. I have quit and restarted the 100% save again, but still nothing. I too would love to replay a few of these battles with all my upgrades. It would be cool if Crystal would at least add a DLC level that would add to the map of our currently saved game so we could use our fully upgraded skills and weapons.

Starting a new game would solve a few missed achievements with way too much time to do it. But it wouldn't solve the issue of getting more time to use fully upgraded weapons and skills.
xtranet 2013年9月28日 15時22分

This person claims there are random re-spawns of 1 to 5 enemies in certain areas. So I tried this out. I got a few more enemies out of this the first few times. But now it seems to not be spawning enemies here either. But definitely areas I know I cleared out 100% and some came back. So maybe this is true. If so, it's not frequent enough or enough enemies to be helpful or fun.
Darth Veda 2013年9月29日 9時35分 
Wouldn't respawning enemies just allow XP farming?
McShootigans 2013年9月29日 10時33分 
I just finished my first play through; I'm not sure I want all the enemies back - I just want to go through & find everything I didn't get to the first time.

That said, it does get rather lonely without something to kill...
xtranet 2013年9月29日 21時26分 
Case の投稿を引用:
Wouldn't respawning enemies just allow XP farming?
Well, yes. But I only want and need the respawning after the game is beat. I have the game beat 100%, but I need a few more Steam achievements to complete all the Single Player ones. All of which are based on killing enemies. I think 4-5 more. But it's going to be hard to get 40 enemies without re-spawning. And the random ones I have found seem to be a bug don't seem to be counting. I would have to nearly replay the whole game from scratch to get certain weapons and certain areas to complete my achievements. Which I am not going to do. But that would be solved with respawning after the game is beat.

XP farming should be considered ok if you have the game beat. No one would replay the whole game just to get all the XP needed. That chance is given to you at the last camp site, which I made sure I went back and farmed XP via Animals to get to 100%. So technically there is already XP farming allowed in the game even before beating it.
xtranet 2013年9月29日 21時28分 
McShootigans の投稿を引用:
I just finished my first play through; I'm not sure I want all the enemies back - I just want to go through & find everything I didn't get to the first time.

That said, it does get rather lonely without something to kill...

I have the game beat 100%, but I understand what you are saying. I would hate it if ALL battles reset when I was going back to find relics and such. But it would be nice if a few stragglers re-spawned. Or maybe at least a ton more if you have the game beat 100% so that you can at least work on achievements with all your upgraded weapons and skills.
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