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ZenDragon 2013년 3월 30일 오후 7시 15분
Shanty Town...
How do you access Shanty Town in Multiplayer? and is it just me or is Casual Deathmatch the only multiplayer mode that anyone is ever at? one person might happen to pop in a lobby for a bit of waiting, but needing FOUR?!......or is it SIX?!!? never happens...
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Lady K 2013년 3월 30일 오후 9시 31분 
I am having problems myself with the multiplayer mode. No matter what I do I cant manage to find any lobby with any players apart from myself.
GrimAquatic 2013년 3월 30일 오후 9시 39분 
Shanty Town is for Free For All mode only. The best and easiest way to access it is to create your own match on this map.

Team Deathmatch is the simpliest and the most familiar mode I guess.
ZenDragon 2013년 3월 30일 오후 10시 04분 
oh ive been there on my own.. not really that fun wanderin around alone.... its only for free for all? i mustve been lucky when i createdmy own game there... ok.. another question: how do you get prestige?
GrimAquatic 2013년 3월 30일 오후 10시 07분 
If you create a public match and wait people will join so you won't be on your own.
You get prestige by leveling up. You get experience for killing other players and completing mode objectives. Once you reach level sixty, you are free to unlock prestige.
ZenDragon 2013년 3월 30일 오후 10시 10분 
ahhhh 60... im just hittin 28...
geez... and im currently sitting in a public lobby... just kickin it.. i go there when i wanna surf the web cause noone else ever shows up........ and the crickets are kinda relaxing
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