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B1tch$mACKy0A$$ 2013年12月8日下午5:43
Can i turn on tesselation and tressfx with a gtx 760?
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ACJCLIGHTNING 2013年12月8日下午8:04 
yes. AMD didn't exclusify TressFX like Nvidia did Physx.
That said, atleast at launch, Nvidia cards ran terribly with TressFX. Probably addressed in newer drivers, but I haven't been paying that much attention.

So yes, everything should be fine.
LeadStarDude 2013年12月8日下午10:06 
Make sure you turn OFF "Exclusive Fullscreen" mode before using TressFX with a nVidia card. If not the hair will act up.
M4RK 2013年12月11日上午3:32 
im running this with tress on, but I can only have either tesselation or 3D on at the same time with a 670, 3770k. And to keep it buttery smooth I drop down to 1360x768. I could have them all on at 1080p but frame rate drops to 30 and below.
BlastThyName 2013年12月11日上午5:20 
If you're fine with 30fps yeah.
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