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Yoh 2013年12月30日 4時55分
I didn't get the Complete one optional tomb and the Complete one challenge achievements. My game progress is 100%, finished the game, did all the challenges, raided all the tombs but I still didn't get those achievements. Any ideas?
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nerkani 2013年12月30日 4時57分 
I wrote the same thing here yesterday, nobody have answered.... :(
Prentice 2013年12月30日 5時03分 
Maybe, synchronization problems? I really don't know, sorry.
Yoh 2013年12月30日 5時17分 
The funny thing is that I have the Complete all optional tombs achievement.
FUORIGIRI 1月31日 11時18分 
I have the same problem: some achievements don't unlock. I also tried to report the issue but I cannot create a Square Enix account. I get this error:

A technical issue has occurred.
Try accessing the site again. If the issue still has not been resolved, please contact the Square Enix Support Center.
I'll ignore. Don't bother! 1月31日 11時20分 
Sorry, but that must be an issue on your end. I unlocked all achievos in SP without any issues.
FUORIGIRI 1月31日 11時30分 
Since a lot of people reported this problem, not only in this discussion, I think it is a real issue.
For example I have another game (Assetto Corsa) and several people had issues with achievements then fixed by developers.
How could I fix it?
Jorgi 2月7日 17時02分 
I have the same problem
The game it's 100%, but some of achievements won't pop up
Thumper 2月11日 10時15分 
i have unlocked all but 2 SP achievements, chatterbox being the last, i didn't think it would ever unlock, but it did, deadeye achievement, i still can not get, global stats show other player with issue's about just getting thru the game, have that achievement. it's the only other one i really want, : (
nativenyerintexas 4月24日 3時02分 
I completed 100% three times and I have no achievements come up. What's the deal?
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