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shimmysimmy 2014年5月4日 5時02分
Multiplayer Achievements
This topic has been here once in a while, but quite some time ago, so.. is anyone still out there who want to obtain the multiplayer achievements? Add me and let me know! Let's do this! :)
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Cobramuziek 2014年5月4日 7時01分 
There is a Steam Group called Tomb Raider Multiplayer Madness that holds sessions every few days dedicated to getting achievements, you should check it out :)
(+[Coffee]+) 2014年5月4日 7時30分 
shimmysimmy の投稿を引用:
multiplayer achievements?
Invited to...
Cobramuziek の投稿を引用:
Tomb Raider Multiplayer Madness
^ thanks :)

We start the Sunday Europe Achievement Boost event in 4 hours time from now.
shimmysimmy 2014年5月4日 11時08分 
Oh, thank you! I didn't know about that! That's awesome! :)
Doge 2014年5月4日 12時06分 
add me, can help with achievements!
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