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lipecastello Apr 27 @ 11:17am
Problemas no sino (Bell Problems)
Alguem mais tem problemas para conseguir derrubar o sino no templo dos ventos???
Somebody else having problems in temple of winds with the bell??
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bvkelly May 1 @ 1:45am 
What problem are you having exactly?
TinkWink May 2 @ 3:30pm 
Não vi problemas , você só puxa de um lado , e o vento vai bater .
lipecastello May 16 @ 3:48pm 
na hora de puxar o sino na terceira vez, a flecha não sai com corda.... In the third time we have to pull the bell, the arrow don´t shoot whith the rop...
bvkelly May 17 @ 2:16am 
Are you using the correct key for rope arrows? By default its middle mouse button if you are using keyboard / mouse
¿Está utilizando el botón derecho para las flechas de la cuerda? Por defecto el botón central del ratón si está utilizando el teclado / ratón
just.kamk May 17 @ 2:18am 
Did you open both windows for the third pull?
lipecastello May 18 @ 4:40pm 
It´s all correct..... both windows open and the middle mouse button pressed..... it´s dispointing...
lipecastello May 18 @ 4:48pm 
I watched some videos in the internet and saw the solution off the puzzle... but don´t work with me....
just.kamk May 18 @ 5:01pm 
Maybe you forgot solving something. Posting a screenshot might also help.
lipecastello May 18 @ 5:15pm 
I published three screenshots....
just.kamk May 18 @ 5:49pm 
We can't see those, your profile is private.
lipecastello May 18 @ 5:53pm 
sorry.... it´s public now...
just.kamk May 18 @ 6:49pm 
Ehm, no?
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