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Jack No.7 Feb 12 @ 1:23am
Is this any different from the new edition on xb1 and ps4?
I wanted to try this game out, but my new consoles are begging for a game...but its like 39 dollars cheaper on steam. Is the game any different on the "next gen" consoles?
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PR3D4T0R X4 Feb 12 @ 4:50am 
Yep, her face looks a little different and they added sub-surface and TressFX 2.0 on Consoles.

But it looks also great on PC :)
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GoBucks76 Feb 12 @ 8:39am 
The game is bascially the same in the next generation except for some enhanced graphics and extra textures that Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics incorporated for the new consoles. Many of us (on the PC) prefer the original face of Lara in the 2013 version of Tomb Raider (the eyes look like a doll's in the next gen version and she looks a little softer somehow...) but that's just a matter of personal taste.

I really don't think paying extra for the next generation version would make much sense if you already have the PS3, Xbox360 or PC version, but if you've never played the game and your new hardware is "begging for a game" it's a good one to get. I would rather just wait for another Steam sale or look around online for the PC version to go on sale again...
xStormxBringeRx Feb 12 @ 1:04pm 
Not worth getting this game for next gen IF you already have it on PC. the slight differences don't warrant it.
Jack No.7 Feb 12 @ 11:43pm 
ahh, well thanks for the comments. i have never played it and wanted to check it out. its a ton cheaper on steam :)
Jack No.7 Feb 12 @ 11:45pm 
wow and that is a killer video thank you predator
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