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Ⓠuillicorn Feb 3 @ 9:56am
Completetion rate?
Hi all,
I was wondering if the enemies respawn in the single-player, and if not would it be possible for me to get most of the achievements in a single playthrough? Such as if I'm not really paying attention to which kinds of kills I use, etc. Will there be enough enemies for me to get the achievements for special kills and whatnot? Thanks!
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Prentice Feb 3 @ 11:08am 
I think without paying attention you are likely not going to get all of them.

After you finish single player, most of the enemies will not respawn. Almost all areas will be safe to travel to collect your collectibles but there will be a few enemies who respawn at certain locations. It is though highly unlikely to get the achievements by killing those few enemies.
Ⓠuillicorn Feb 3 @ 11:10am 
Ah, thanks for the swift response! So would you recommend that I just play more than once, and I would be willing to because I'm enjoying this a lot! Because my style is more... jump out and shoot people xD
Prentice Feb 3 @ 1:54pm 
My suggestion would be to play the game as it is first; enjoy the beautiful scenery and gameplay without worrying about achievements and collectibles. After you have completed the story once, you can go after anything you want, just like I'm doing now. ;)
Rauckman Feb 3 @ 8:48pm 
It is possible to get all the single player achievements in one playthrough, but as Prentice said, it's not the recommended way to play through (I think I ended up one or two short). There is, however, one area that has enemies you don't face in the storyline, but you will if you fast travel there after a certain point. I was going through and collecting caches, documents, and relics before finishing the game, and there were a handful of enemies (not many). So maybe enough to finish some achievements if you are partially completed with them (such as "## kills with XYZ weapon", or maybe the smaller specialty acheivements like rope killing 5 enemies or whatever that one is), but not enough to kill 40 people with the shotgun. Hope this helps!
Thumper Feb 11 @ 7:34pm 
i never didn't think or look at the achievements til my 3rd time thru. it was fun just playing, i'm still missing 2 sp and 8 mp achiev. but there not why i play.
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