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Is there a way to skip the intro titles / video?
Deus Ex lets you click through the title cards, why must I sit through the ATI logo EVERY SINGLE TIME? I don't have an ATI card and I don't want one! Every time I see that stupid logo I vow to NOT buy their product for another 10 years.
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D:\steamgames\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\boot\legal_lines_with_g2_dts_logo.bik
D:\steamgames\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\boot\legallines_pc.bik
you'll find a long filename either move or put some words in it, you'll get a message saying there was a read error press yes give it a moment and you'll get to the main menu
lmfao i know ur pain man the comment made me smile lolz
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It dont work on the logos.
Go to

..\Steam\steamapps\common\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\loadingloop.bik

copy 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid

go to

..\Steam\steamapps\common\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\boot\legallines_pc.bik

paste 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid
select AF079CC4DBE8E91C0EA5E8400EA12E95.pc_binkvid
press F2
press Ctrl + C
rename the file anything (just press 1 and then press (enter) key)

Select 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid
Press F2
Press Ctrl + V

Done. This is the best that I can do right now. You'll still get a video clip that last for about 4 seconds, but it's the loading screen.

T.C. You made me log in just to say Thanks. Its 10x better your way. No more annoying splash screens. Thank you.
They just added a skip option in a patch, what T.C. posted is no longer needed.
The patch doesn't let me skip the intros. I've since played the game twice and no skipping is allowed. IO is just lying.
nice T.C thx :) didnt knew that u can rename with F2, cool option!
it just lets me hit enter to skip...
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Hitman: Absolution > Общие обсуждения > Подробности темы
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