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Sandwiches!!! 22 ноя, 2012 в 15:04
Is there a way to skip the intro titles / video?
Deus Ex lets you click through the title cards, why must I sit through the ATI logo EVERY SINGLE TIME? I don't have an ATI card and I don't want one! Every time I see that stupid logo I vow to NOT buy their product for another 10 years.
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Volcano 22 ноя, 2012 в 15:13 
D:\steamgames\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\boot\legal_lines_with_g2_dts_logo.bik
D:\steamgames\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\boot\legallines_pc.bik
you'll find a long filename either move or put some words in it, you'll get a message saying there was a read error press yes give it a moment and you'll get to the main menu
Feldmarschall Von Rundstedt 22 ноя, 2012 в 15:15 
lmfao i know ur pain man the comment made me smile lolz
Chris The Imp 22 ноя, 2012 в 15:31 
Chiobe 22 ноя, 2012 в 15:38 
Изначально опубликовано Chris The Imp:
It dont work on the logos.
T.C. 22 ноя, 2012 в 17:14 
Go to

..\Steam\steamapps\common\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\loadingloop.bik

copy 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid

go to

..\Steam\steamapps\common\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\boot\legallines_pc.bik

paste 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid
select AF079CC4DBE8E91C0EA5E8400EA12E95.pc_binkvid
press F2
press Ctrl + C
rename the file anything (just press 1 and then press (enter) key)

Select 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid
Press F2
Press Ctrl + V

Done. This is the best that I can do right now. You'll still get a video clip that last for about 4 seconds, but it's the loading screen.

SavageJ_X 27 ноя, 2012 в 2:55 
T.C. You made me log in just to say Thanks. Its 10x better your way. No more annoying splash screens. Thank you.
Bob Barnsen 27 ноя, 2012 в 8:05 
Thank you! :D
Gwymember 30 ноя, 2012 в 6:13 
T.C. You're a Hero...
Tim Timsen 30 ноя, 2012 в 6:38 
They just added a skip option in a patch, what T.C. posted is no longer needed.
Sandwiches!!! 1 дек, 2012 в 7:09 
The patch doesn't let me skip the intros. I've since played the game twice and no skipping is allowed. IO is just lying.
Salmon 30 мар, 2013 в 5:53 
Thank you T.C
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