Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Multiplayer

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How to use cheats
przez bAX
Don't ...
How to Become a Trickshooter
przez Hunt3r
Today you will learn how to become a trickshooter. ...
How to get Ebola
przez LegendaryJinx
Follow this steps to get Ebola: 1) Buy Black Ops 2 2) Play the game mode ''Nukejacked'' Another way to get Ebola: 1. Buy a dog 2. Bang the dog After 10 minutes, u will succesfully get Ebola. I hope i could help you and have fun with it....
przez Jack
Hello,today im going to show you how to get diamond snipers in custom games in 20 seconds.No multiplayer only custom games....
CoD: Black Ops2 | How to Unlock the "Secret Diamond Camo" | German Guide
przez M-King ♛
CoD: BlOps2 Unlock secret Camo - Guide! Easy...
[18+] Как стать PRO в Black Ops 2 (+розыгрыш) by DotaProPudge
przez 4ELOBEK
В этом руководстве я опишу лучшие сборки и тактики игры для чётенького тащинга и ядерки....
H0W T0 B3 AW3S0M3
przez Blackhaz :D (on holiday)
Y0U W4NN4 B3 G00D 4T BLACK 0PS 2??? R34D TH1S SH*T...
Stealth mode: How to play hidden.
przez 7even
Map: Yemen Gametype: Domination Loadout: scar, silencer, stock. flak jacket, ghost. toughness. dexterity, tach mask. Killstreaks: LS chopper vsat. Background: What we concentrate on is to stay off the radar with silencer and ghost perk, keepi...
Edit And Play . Never Done in cod Before
przez Pookie
Hello I recently uploaded the first video in my new series : Edit and Play. This series is a bit different from the other videos you see on youtube because i picked 2 big things in the call of duty scene : Commentary and Montage editing , I mixed these 2...
how to disable lag?
przez VoR JoKeR
go to play list, then click S. you can chose your max ping well max is 300 you can choose 40-300 there you have it....