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How to have a good laugh with CoD BO2
av xxDaBo$$xx
A guide on how to have a good laugh using the CoD BO2 game....
Пасхалки в Нюкетаун
av Dik Baron™
В поиске имбы : MP7 (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2) #2
Пистолет - пулемет MP7 уже во второй раз доказывает, что мы на правильном пути в поиске имбы! А как думаете вы? Голосуйте -
How to play without lmg w/ target finder and shield
av inactive
Good luck & have fun...
How to camp + How to get free VAC in BO2 :D
av J i n X #scream
How to camp: Go to a dark place or in a house and press C to crouch. Use a betty and shockcharges. After that just wait for some victims. Now u can easily get your scorestreaks. Remember to use ghosts and flack jacket. [You can also hide in the grass...
H0W T0 B3 AW3S0M3
Y0U W4NN4 B3 G00D 4T BLACK 0PS 2??? R34D TH1S SH*T...
How to get invincible in BO2 Multiplayer
av IAmLoudness
How to get "God Mode" in BO2 in 3 quick steps ...
Щитоносец - экзекутор
av BFW_J-A-G-E-R
How to move
av supersiucune
This guide will teach you movement....
The ultimate best class-guide!
av .:WinterPwnd:.
This is the ultimate class guide and I will put up a short explenation why is this the best setup. I consider this the best one because of the following: This class allows you to play agressive, rush but at the same time prevent you from being rushed whi...