Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades

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Linkan80 2013년 1월 5일 오후 12시 36분
online connections
cant connect to the online servers anybody know how to fix this
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Rove 2013년 1월 28일 오전 3시 36분 
I have the same problem and am also interested in the response.

The game is being sold for $35 and advertising Multiplayer but it isn't available. What's up?

I got it for much less from Bundle Star as part of a package but still I want it to work as advertised and as it's meant to. It takes like 1 microserver with a Intel Atom CPU to organize a game lobby and put players in contact with each other for multiplayer games, after they join each other it's just the same as LAN over the internet, no server needed.

I'll try emailing tech support and post here if I get anything.
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