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♠-_Voltaire_-♠ 2013年7月23日 23時13分
GTA V for PC Steam Group! Join up and show your support
Help spread the word by joining the group GTA V for PC Protestors listed in my profile, hopefully Rockstar and Steam will collaborate and release GTA V for PC, it will be a modders wet dream with Workshop behind it. Check it out on my profile or just post here and I can have an invite sent. Will make signing the petition and spreading the word a lot easier
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greetingswench 2013年8月18日 22時14分 
i hope they release it for mac and linux but not windows
最近の変更はgreetingswenchが行いました; 2013年8月18日 22時15分
♭uddhist_Gamer7☸ 2013年9月18日 23時39分 
not anytime soon. Should read their website more often lol.
JertsuDude 2013年9月20日 6時41分 
OMG who idiot plays on mac? What a dumb!
Guess Who 2013年9月23日 15時49分 
Mac is basically a highly modified version of Linux.
{UKGP} Cap'ain Chandler 2013年9月25日 10時22分 
VOTE FOR GTA 5 PC WOOP, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NMN 2013年10月2日 3時46分 
I can hardly wait for GTA V PC. I hope it will appears soon. It's not possible that game like this will pass over PC platform.
♠-_Voltaire_-♠ 2013年10月2日 18時23分 
I know right! So many people are saying that the PC has died and become pointless, I cant disagree more, they are so tied up on their iPads and smartphones they simply think that anything that isnt already standardized as a touchscreen device is oldschool or pointless or outdated. These people are ignorant and to be ignored of course, but the fact is that they make up a majority opinion on the subject which is discouraging, and sometimes scary. Keep up the support for PC gaming, it needs it! One Love...
GuenosNoLife 2013年10月7日 11時12分 
with Multiplayer tool like SAMP because official online gta5 or 4 are suck.

I love GTA online modding ! ♥♥♥♥ U ROCKSTAR YOU ARE SO BAD!
brunosisag 2013年10月8日 8時05分 
I do not see right time to launch the GTA V for PC, I'm itching to play it.
Rock Star that it will not take long. :) ®
Processor 2013年10月24日 3時49分 
Rockstar Games know what they're doing. They're attempting to milk all the money they can on the old-gen consoles. Sony and Microsoft probably paid Rockstar Games to do this intentionally. With the new generation of consoles coming out, the old generation needed a game it could really sell... and GTA V was the perfect choice.

So if we're lucky, we might see GTA V come out for the PC some time down the road (in 2014) but I wouldn't get my hopes up. I refuse to buy a console just for one game so it looks like i'll be missing out on this title.
Vermisse Dich 2013年10月25日 7時29分 
Please rockstar
release GTA V for PC!!
samohtnj 2013年11月17日 11時50分 
GTA V for PC!!
Kompakt 2013年11月26日 10時13分 
Looks like PC gamers are going to be late for the party...
♠-_Voltaire_-♠ 2013年11月26日 13時16分 
Its cool, its our party and we live here, console gamers are just a fad
maDkiLzZ 2013年11月29日 21時19分 
please rockstar,GTA 5 for pc
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