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MonsterDNA 2013年12月6日下午4:52
...GTA V...PC...RELEASE???
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Rarewolf 2013年12月7日上午12:57 
itll come out when it comes out.. but for now. i dont know myself.
xDevily 2013年12月10日上午5:31 
idk but i read that it can be released on the first three months of 2014
最后由 xDevily 编辑于; 2013年12月10日上午5:31
MonsterDNA 2013年12月12日下午1:12 
GamingDarklord 2013年12月22日上午12:06 
i have gta 4 cards for trade
Alexander 2013年12月23日下午8:16 
is true, it probably is already released until March.
MonsterDNA 2013年12月24日上午4:32 
Yay thats close to my B-Day!
RealOwl124 2013年12月27日下午3:00 
Well Gta IV PC did not come out until April So Rockstar Likes Spring so i think maybe spring time for it to come out which Nvidia Said they Were starting to make it.

Requirements For GTA V PC (MAYBE): Hard to say i think still with W7 (windows 7) for like minimum but For like Recommend i think they will go with Windows 8 because that's the new Computer which they will try to make people buy it for that Reason. Graphic's: All Games Are going with Nvidia GTX cards now which are like direct x 11 but some have Directx 11 to like the GT's But hard to say. Harddrive space: when u installed the game on xbox and ps3 it is 8gb so it might be:10 gb Free maybe 15gb! If i miss anything elese then just Replay and i will try and tell you what they might add.

GTA 5 might be a Games for windows LIVE because that is microsoft so you can play with your xbox LIVE friends with windows live wich is awesome!
最后由 RealOwl124 编辑于; 1月22日下午4:01
Noob 2月28日下午3:15 
there not ganna release it for the pc becuase people can go into the.exe files and can see all the stuff rockstar put into it and the gamers can tell the othe gamers about all whats on it so a dout that rockstar will ever release it on the pc
RealOwl124 2月28日下午3:18 
no they could and not put it up they can just say oh it out tomorrow or something
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