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VengeanceXB Aug 9 @ 10:21am
When is GTA 5 Realesed on Steam?
When is GTA 5 Realesed on Steam? Is It long?
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Triiggahappy617 Aug 10 @ 4:36pm 
VengeanceXB Aug 10 @ 4:39pm 
dont know?
Originally posted by Triiggahappy617:
marlon99rocks Aug 12 @ 7:06pm 
next year sometime
VengeanceXB Aug 12 @ 7:09pm 
says on the market Fall which is autum i think its this autum
Originally posted by marlon99rocks:
next year sometime
Game will probably be released on steam on launch of the game or maybe week later
VengeanceXB Aug 15 @ 3:42pm 
iits been out on console for nearly a year
Originally posted by XxCrazyBoyXx:
Game will probably be released on steam on launch of the game or maybe week later
JakeMegtron44 Aug 19 @ 4:11pm 
for chrismas I think :)

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JMTAotP Aug 20 @ 4:38am 
For some reason some people cannot find it on Steam. It is on my Steam Wishlist though.

Edit: It was made availble to be pre-ordered for PC from GameStop in June. It was also put up briefly in the Steam Store in June and that is how I have it on my Wishlist on Steam. GameStop listed the release date as 12/31/14. You can still pre-order the game for PC although I do not see a release date listed anymore.
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The_YAD Aug 20 @ 10:39am 
google it ?? but i think somewhere near christmas..
aperture_tech Aug 22 @ 7:40pm 
It is in September or October, same time as the """""next-gen""""" console release
Caza Aug 27 @ 12:36am 
Feb 2015
Ж๖ۣۜSir Bℴss™Ж Aug 28 @ 6:50pm 
Its comeing THIS FALL DUN DUN DUN!!!!
ArChAnGeL Sep 1 @ 9:02am 
Soon the pre-order will be available !
No One can wait this pc game masterpiece, i know :P
金木 研 Sep 1 @ 11:59am 
In October i think
Cmnick33 Sep 4 @ 11:28pm 
I am hoping it will be by the end of the year if anything, sorta wanna play through it as i did not really get into it much on PS3
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