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Luke 10:17-20 2013年3月8日 12時07分
Resolution issue using macbook pro
The game loads, but it's a fixed resolution. I'm able to see part of the game screen, and the mouse is not aligned with the game pointer. How do I fix? Or even change the resolution?

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Crazy Dave (JR) 2013年3月9日 10時09分 
Having the same problem here. Tried some of the configuration pages trying to change resolution. Ended up on a page where the "Ok" button was off the bottom of the screen. Had to force kill.
lloudermilk 2013年3月28日 21時35分 
Did anyone ever find a solution to this?
Luke 10:17-20 2013年4月3日 8時17分 
I forgot to mention I'm on one of the newer macbook pros. If anything, gaming is better on the new macs then on the older 2010 and older models. Don't know what the problem is for this game, but if there's no support, and this is a common problem, then why advertise this game is mac compatible when its clearly not.

I hope someone is working on this screen resolution issue. I mean the game is only a few months old. You can't be abandoning it already. As you can see, it's not just me waiting on a fix for this.

philhassey  [開発者] 2013年4月9日 18時47分 
Are you using one of the new Retina MacBooks? I've ordered one just today so if that is the trouble, I'll be able to finally try and fix it.
Luke 10:17-20 2013年4月9日 19時30分 
Yes. It's one of the newer macbook pros with retina display. I was thinking that was the issue since I've come across two other games with resolutions issues also, but I was able to play those by lowering the rez, or playing in windowed mode.

Looking forward to a fix. Thanks.

Luke 10:17-20 2013年7月13日 19時22分 
Have you fixed this issued yet?

I'm still waiting...
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