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TH4-L0NE-W4LF Aug 28, 2013 @ 4:39am
Updates to the Editor / Game that would make sense / be important
Coming from mapping many tracks for Trackmania for over 6 years now, I find a few things in the Editor very bad. Its not so much about the limits that this Editor has, but things that make this Editor a pain .....

1.) Moving through the Editor is a pain. While I try to move the camera etc. i get stuck at other Objects, that don't make sense. Objects collision makes sense in the game, however not in the Editor. Moving the Camera through the Editor should not collide at Objects. Some more complex constructions are a real pain to build because of that.

2.) Why is when I place an object, the camera around it set to such stupid angles that you often can't really get near enough or far enough from it away to see what you're actually building in good detail ? Probably still the same bull that I mentioned above.

3.) This one isn't really about the Editor, but instead of making a new post I might as well add it here. Why is there no respawn function ? I am asking because if you're building a bit more complex Stunt creations, it sometimes is necessary to spawn your vehicle when a jump or combination doesn't work because you want people to actually get that jump working and not go around another way. So you have to block off areas and not having a respawn function that I can press is really not helpful. Of course, since there are no checkpoints really, there is no real target for a respawn. Which also is bad.

I guess overall the best Editor available for something like that is still in Trackmania and all the Stunt features mixed into RRU are at best a nice try. I thought Bugbear would understand more about that sorta stuff, since they created with FLATOUT one of the most fun racing Games.

Posting all this here will most likely not be read by the Game developers anyways, so it was probably a waste of time. Its a shame, this Game had more potential.

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X1-52 Nov 4, 2013 @ 11:25pm 
This game was a console port, no one should expect a full featured editor. The game is just so broken in so many ways. They also moved on. The developer doing this is making next car game on kickstarter and is messing around a little bit with Ridge Racer driftopia.
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