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wickedpedia1990 2013年12月11日 15時26分
So does it work now?
When I first played this game, I thought it was online only, then realized everyone had an issue "unlocking" level 2. is that fixed? cause I am not eager to play the 1st level again, just so I have to do it again.
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Cerinier 2013年12月11日 20時06分 
I had played three campaigns (one in coop) and never had this problem.
The second level of Baal and the 2nd map was always triggert in first try.
So I guess it is actually fixed.
最近の変更はCerinierが行いました; 2013年12月11日 20時09分
wickedpedia1990 2013年12月11日 22時58分 
Thank you Cerinier, I shall play it again soon.
North 2013年12月14日 9時47分 
Ahh, nice. Just looked at my library and had the same thought. The amount of problems at the start was infuriating. ^^
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