Orcs Must Die! 2

Orcs Must Die! 2

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cowface Feb 10, 2013 @ 10:17pm
Get to any level in endless
Carry these things Windbelt, void wall, spores, trap reset, some weapon to kill moneybags (crossbow is my preference).

Some things which may be helpful for endless which ive observed
Mobs gain more health and damage as the waves get higher in endless
-Guardians have a set health therefore they will eventually all die with one hit, therefore health regen wont matter
-Likewise your character has a set health so eventually you will die in 1 hit (for sorceress its around wave 50 or so, not entirely sure)
-Things which run over spores have a set health, based on the type they are. Eventually they will also be 1 hit kill
-However, Skeletons which come out of a void wall are always some fraction of what the mobs are. Their health degenerates slightly. At first they are pretty weak, but they do get stronger and eventually are pretty good at slowing things down. It is hard to tell if they are doing more damage though
-Void walls are the best way to make money. Coinflauge and scavanger trinket grant money bonuses based on a fraction of the of the value of the orc you kill, this does not include coins dropped. As endless progresses things decrease in value, therefore you are eventually only making 1$ per orc. Void walls however always have the same chance to spit out 100$ coins, therefore collecting 1 coin from the void wall at a high round is equivelent to killing 100 orcs with scavanger or coinflauge active.

Most levels you can get to any wave you want to if you carry windbelt, void wall, spores, trap reset. Simply push as much as you can into the void wall, collect the money to build spores. Using trap reset to manually reset the spores. Sell and replace spores of things that get to far, or if you spore a big earth guy (because the smaller ones wont be spored). Push as much as you can into the void wall, more chance for money.

At first the spore guys will be stronger than the mobs, but as the rounds progress you spored guys get weaker, but the number of spores will increase. When spores placed is greater than the orcs spawned, you win. The number of orcs which spawn does not drastically change, but type of spawns does.

Moneybags begins to get really meaty, best thing i have found to kill him is shock zappers. These seems to consistantly do the most damage to a single things. Put the stun upgrade instead of the chain, because chain uses more charge per attack, thus hitting the single target less.

*flyers are a little more annoying. If you rely on freezing them, then the frostbats will eventually get through. they too also get stronger obviously they cannot be spored. If you can jump to the flyers best thing to use is the stone staff 2nd attack, they fall straight to the ground, as if they are frozen. Another thing that works on some levels is having archers in a central mob. Spread them enough so AOE damage wont hit multiple targets. As flyers get stronger, eventually they will kill your archers. When your last archer falls, guardian trinket them back alive. The recharge time on your trinket should be less than the time it takes the flyers to kill all your archers, you can crossbow stun the flyers to slow down your archer deaths.

Keep in mind this strat will not give you a high score on the leaderboards. It produces very few, and low combos. Combos are the key to scoring high. Combos are different from killstreaks.
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mboettcher4 Feb 11, 2013 @ 11:48pm 
Endless very much depends on the geometry of the level. Some levels don't even have a place for void walls. In fact, good void wall locations are relatively tricky to find. I've found the best way to advance in endless is the synergy of the slows and stuns. The longer mobs are held up in one spot, the more they group for aoe and the more traps reset. Also it gives you plenty of time to wear them down.

Charms I have found are also very effective. Agreed that regen on gaurdians is mostly useless but gaurdians tend to be very useful since the time it takes to defeat one wave means the ressurect trinket recahrges every round. Also archers or dwarves (with tar pits/freezes only otherwise their bombs miss) only. Paladins are effective in story mode but are useless against the high level waves.
ICE-TEA Feb 12, 2013 @ 3:56pm 
publicENEMY Feb 12, 2013 @ 11:26pm 
thank you. would like to hear more advice esp for coop.
Lavacharger May 5, 2013 @ 5:42pm 
Originally posted by ijam_j:
thank you. would like to hear more advice esp for coop.

Crunch works well, because of the 2 sides. The hallways are an excellent spot for the void walls, and enough spring traps with fast reload and the trinket will launch about 99% of them into a wall that you place at the very end of the hallways where they join up with the larger door right in the middle. 2 players can easily cover both sides, and when i play for the first 15 waves the spring method manages itself. past that, you should have gathered a nice army of archers surrounding the rift. Get archers because they can hit flyers. I tend to use shock zappers so flyers aren't a problem, but archers are better allthesame. The wind belt can throw enemies into lava if no void wall is nearby, which is also a nice touch. I suggest at least 1 player has a missile for flyers earlier in the game because shock zappers are expensive. Mana rage trinket is a must, along with the wind belt. Because you can have 12 items (6 per player) instead of just 10 (single player) passive trinkets like extra money or extra rift points are very useful. The spores work well too near the inside. Instead of attacking that troll you hate, charm him. Always do this near the rift, so he is an extra defender. Trolls are the best to charm because they regenerate health... Shamans and cyclops work well too, because they can revive the dead and have a ranged powerful attack. You might want the crossbow or lightning ring, because in crunch enemies tend to clump up, making a shotgun or chain reaction EXTREMELY useful. Even more useful when you have mana rage. You also want to keep a trap reset trinket handy. This mainly applies to the person who is placing the springs and shock zappers. If only 1 person does this, you can save 1 slot for another useful item. Coinforges work well in the lower, more narrow enterance where void walls don't fit. Archers are already strong, and coinforce, apart from giving more money, can also help do more damage. I almost forgot, the FLAK affect from the missile launcher also works well with kobolds, because of their low HP. They will be annoying and foil the spring mechanism later in game. These tactics got me past lv. 25, and i am sure combining them with others will get you further :)

whew, that was long, and i am sure i missed something, but if you read the first post you can probabally combine it with this and the map "Crunch" to get very far. These tactics are really only recommended for really co-ordinated single players, or co-op with 250+ Skulls

Thanks for reading :P

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