SagittariusS99 May 8 @ 8:34am
Orcs must Die! 2 Complete pack, where are the DLCs?
Hey! I've bought the current weekly sale on Humble Bundle (Co-op bundle), and I don't seem to have the DLCs for OMD2. Is it automatically added to my game when it's installed? Or do I have to add it manually? How can I check if I have them?
Thanks in advance!
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Cougarific May 8 @ 11:31am 
On the Campaign Menu look for Game Mode and click Story to see the other options.
SagittariusS99 May 8 @ 12:02pm 
Okay, I found it. Thank you!
TOOGAM May 16 @ 10:54am 
Note that Cougarific's advice simply specifies how to find the additional levels. I believe that some of the DLC content, like certain types of traps, may be usable (even in the original levels) rather automatically, without needing the player to do anything special to enable those features.
SagittariusS99 May 16 @ 11:23am 
Yes, I did some research 2 minutes after posting this topic :D it was added automatically.
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