RAWR Donuts May 1, 2014 @ 6:48pm
Humble bundle or wait for sale?
basically tittle is it worth buying ORcs Must Die 2 complete edition nfor 6 bucks from humble bundle or should i wait for a steam sale?
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Cougarific May 1, 2014 @ 7:52pm 
6 bucks for a bundle? I've got more than 900 hours in the game, that's good value for your money IF you like the game as much as I do.

Most people get at LEAST 20-30 hours out of it, so even at a bare minimum of play-time that's still a good value.
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Kaoe May 1, 2014 @ 9:37pm 
Humble Bundle pretty much always has the best price.
ReBoot May 2, 2014 @ 4:40am 
6 bucks for the complete package is absurdly cheap. Ok, it's only 74% off so you MIGHT get it even cheaper during some sale when it goes to 80% off, but this is just a bet. And 74% off is still very very very cheap.
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chris.s.clevenger May 4, 2014 @ 4:37am 
Buy the bundle, its worth it. (I did. LOL)
RAWR Donuts May 4, 2014 @ 5:59am 
lol i bought it xD its a great game
Max Damage May 4, 2014 @ 7:12am 
6 bucks is a good price for this game. Even i got 23 hours out of it. I am nowhere near done with it. It has that much stuff in it.
Sucy Manbavaran May 7, 2014 @ 2:55am 
the game is very good and i really dont think of you get more cheap for a complete edition
also you have more games for play or at least bloat your game count
also cougar lets play for shake the rust that atacks me on this game
Isaac Dian May 9, 2014 @ 3:07am 
I bought it on Humble Bundle. I'm already addicted
killaroo3 May 9, 2014 @ 9:08am 
Humble, you also get sanctum 2
RAWR Donuts May 9, 2014 @ 11:05am 
yea lol
maxtidus10[FR] May 11, 2014 @ 1:32am 
I took with humble too and its a really great game
Budlyte May 12, 2014 @ 10:44am 
I paid full price for every bit of this game and I don't regret a bit of it.
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