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earthsgold 2012年12月11日 22時15分
Blue screen everytime I try to play.
what gives?!!!!!!!!! blue screen and shuts my hole system down, it does the same in homefron I'm running a Crosshiar V formula Amd FX 4100 with a MAD RADION HD 7700 GddR5......HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP
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michwt 2013年3月29日 7時25分 
same here ,blue screen shuts down. CROSSHAIR 1V FORMULA, FX6100 , 8 GIG1866 RAM
[PL] kamil950 2013年4月22日 13時18分 
maybe use program WhoCrashed
Mouldy Sandwich™ 2013年4月26日 12時11分 
this happens to me as well and guess how long ive had it in my library? nealry a year.
Mouldy Sandwich™ 2013年4月26日 12時12分 
lol, i have homefront too and it does exactly the same thing!! strange.... seeing as it is happening to two games that we boh have prehaps there is something in common with them not working
[PL] kamil950 2013年4月26日 12時42分 
Use WhoCrashed ( http://www.resplendence.com/downloads ) and check the error code in this program. The program give you also little tips. For more you can use Google (and maybe Steam Discussions, Steam Forums, Codemasters Forums) but you have to know the ERROR CODE. [Sorry for my English.]
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