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Ineffable Anathema May 17 @ 8:05pm
Am I the only one who noticed...
...That even the "THUMBS UP" tagged reviews for this game say "worst game ever", "waste of money even if given away free", and "DO NOT BUY!"?

I am a bit confused about this, lol. Why put a thumbs up on a review when you're giving it a horrible rating? o.O
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ManBearPing May 19 @ 12:03am 
Everyone must know... everyone
BAKTERIA May 19 @ 8:35pm 
Wabefuhon Jun 22 @ 12:07am 
Maybe because they're right.
[Xfire] WonderGamer Sep 10 @ 6:49pm 
More than likley people who wrote the review before Steam gave the option to "vote down" a game. Before it was for recommendations, not reviews, but people would still use it to warn people to steer clear of games for various reasons. However you can really only take seriously the reviews that give details, otherwise you have to assume they're a troll & their word really isn't noteworthy.
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