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Deathwish 2012年9月16日下午2:13
I want a refund
Doesnt work at all ......... give me my money back!
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frankieorabona 2012年9月19日下午1:37 
I have the same problem!!!
Michael MacDonell 2012年10月21日上午6:22 
I had some Old MAn Playing Young Person's game moments - but I got there in the end...Pleaase be specific, if you want a specific answer!
Deathwish 2012年10月21日上午9:25 
ok, game wont load, ctd no error nothing---- i want a refund
debolars 2012年11月2日下午7:23 
The game works for me, you guys sould call the steam guys mayby they can help you
Deathwish 2012年11月3日上午4:04 
i have been told its a known fault and no fix for it
RamboSlice 2012年11月26日下午4:07 
Try uninstalling and reinstalling I have the same issue checked a few forums and they said that worked for them
Deathwish 2012年11月27日上午8:56 
tried a whole new PC - same issue
cashly1 2013年1月16日上午12:50 
seriously i regret i paid for this game i have the newest alienware and still doesn't work i would have please if they could change this game though or give me my money back because that really bad though that u bought something and u can not play it.
skoomaaddict 2013年2月7日下午9:59 
Alienware? Want to buy some swampland in Florida? It installed and plays just fine on my rig. Now, if only I could get Zoo Tycoon 2 to run.
iCu*ned 2013年3月1日下午12:02 
The game "works" on my rig, but it's an unbelievably poorly made tycoon game.
GUI wise it's a nightmare. You have to move the mouse more than ever before,
even though you have hotkeys. I think half the time played goes into manipulating the crappy GUI..

I'd like a refund too!!!
Deathwish 2013年3月3日下午12:31 
i just use - its free and a great game for airline management much more professional than this "game" which by the way (the steam game) wont run on AMD phenom hex cores mahcines....
Bloodmorphed 2013年8月15日下午4:18 
You people need to do research before you buy games. You aren't going to get a refund.
Conky 2013年8月16日上午7:16 
Once again a troll thanks Deathwish for your insight.
Deathwish 2013年8月30日上午9:21 
引用自 CriminallyToxiK
You people need to do research before you buy games. You aren't going to get a refund.

mate i have a pc that can run FSX over six 22" monitors, think it can run this game easily...
MoonRaven 2013年8月31日上午7:32 
Refunds are never given by forum. Contact Steam support.
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