sitebender Jun 8, 2014 @ 9:36am
Game seems to get impossible
So is this game beatable? After 30+ minutes I start to notice all of the game's flaws. Not being able to use items OUTSIDE of battle. So if I use armor all in the items instead of fighting, members of my team will still die no matter what. Walls of bullets, three allies make dodging unavoidable even if it wasn't for a wall of bullets. Random battles keep happening in the same places. 90 minutes playing on the same map 2-3 and it feels like the only way to survive a battle is luck of lesser enemies. I can't go back and grind. If I grind to beat a boss and I lose all my lives, I lose all of that grinding. Oye.

Do I need to spend an hour grinding on the first world to survive the second world?
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Double Jul 3, 2014 @ 11:54pm 
Thats pretty much it. its pretty hard. feels impossible
CMS2000 Jul 5, 2014 @ 7:48pm 
I finished the game yesturday, had to restart it four times after it crashing, I had to get all the secrets, stash all the items, and spam the cannon on the final boss. I gave Sam the minigun, Beats held the cannon, and that texan guy whatsisface with the lazer rifle. When Beats was using the cannon, I'd make Sam use the Serious Bomb, and make the texan guy use the Shield All. It took ages, and the difficulty curve is definitely unfair, but I did it.

If you havn't beaten the final boss, the Cannon does about 1/5 of it's health.
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