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Rawex Aug 22, 2013 @ 8:52pm
Free Welcome Pack for Beginners!!!
Here if you signup with my Recruiter link, then you will recieve In game item: 2 x 2hr XP potion, In game item: 1 Travel Globe potion (5 charges), In game item: 2x7day Research Reducers

https://recruit.soe. com/recruit/smlanding.action?iId=7WE88LCGZB7GL5BBASPJ&gamecode=EQ2 , remove the space and the link works =)

Kind Regards, Rawex.
P.S. You're Welcome =)
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Rawex Aug 27, 2013 @ 12:52am 
You first put it together, by removing the spaced area between the soe. com and then you click it and then you get redirected to the official recruitment site and then you should be able to figure the rest out,

You either Create a new account or maybe you choose an already made account im not sure on this point as i have not tired, but it is perfectly legit, you can just try and put the link in google first or search on google about this ;) I'm not a scammer or hacker or anything, i would never put out my Steam account for anything =) Well i gotta go man, jobs calling!!
virpyre Aug 30, 2013 @ 1:27pm 
This is what you get from the kit:

In game item:
2 x 2hr XP potion
This potion increases your tradeskill, combat, and AA XP gain by 50% for two hours.

1 Travel Globe potion (5 charges)
Summons a portal that allows you to access the global bell transport system from anywhere.

2 x 7day Research Reducers
Reduces the time remaining on the spell upgrade actively being researched by seven days.

Recruiters get various items and a title depending on there rank.

Recruit a Friend[recruit.soe.com]
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EverQuest II > General Discussions > Topic Details
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