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Gavin 27 юли 2013 в 5:40след.
Returning player looking for players / guild on Splitpaw (EU)
I have re-rolled a new Fae/Fury and currently level 14. I played about 5 years ago on AB (US) but it seems my toon is gone.

If you're on EU Splitpaw and want to group up, etc. let me know :-)
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Mrfoot_Fungus 27 юли 2013 в 8:02след. 
if you get on support, remember name, level, race, servers just normal info like that. account name ect ect. they can recover your old toon back! :) i have been playing EQ2 for 8 years now, and i deleted my first toon, a level 80 necro, that i had when 80 just became the cap and i got on support and filled in some info and he was back on my account within the week! Cheer's!
MediaCult 21 август 2013 в 3:01след. 
Hey I'd like to play, add me here in STEAM and let's see.
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