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Born A Beast Mar 2 @ 10:45am
Anybody looking to start a new character with me, fresh download, was impressed with the character creation.
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Come play on Unrest server, look up my character: Badtoof. I am a 91 SK in a level 95 guild called Omnus Imperium and we are recruiting.
bobby bushay Mar 12 @ 7:41pm 
how's the leveling going, downloading now. never played before but looking to start
EvilRade Mar 15 @ 2:12pm 
It's a wonderful game, you won't regret playing it.
TheWolfDrone Mar 24 @ 12:17am 
I regret the 5 years I spent on the original since 1999....Okay no I dont really regret it but still....So much time......><
63e_CnD_Lionblade Mar 24 @ 3:22pm 
you can play on antonia bayle with me, im Krogosha level 95 assassin, guild is Acolytes of Valor.
TheWalkingDead Mar 26 @ 7:44am 
I subbed as it's so much better than the newer mmo's and on Antonia Bayle which seems to have a larger communty. If you had an old SoE account, EQ/2/SWG etc and are in the UK then you can use that rather than setup a new account with the company they put you through for EU.
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