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Thundorz Feb 9, 2014 @ 3:23pm
For those having low fps problems, turn shadows off or change to gpu shadows.
I don't have a great gaming rig but its ok. Just some numbers to show how changing one setting can boost your fps dramaticly in this game in hopes of helping anyone out that might be having fps problems.

My gaming rig.

i5 2500K CPU
Geforce 460 768MB gfx card
running windows 7 64bit

Tests done at 1440x900 resolution w/MSAA set at 4 samples on the docks of Lavastorm zoomed in all the way at zone-in.

Very High Quality Default (CPU shadows) settings: 10fps
GPU shadows: 39fps
Shadows off: 41fps

High Quality Default (CPU shadows) settings: 12fps
GPU shadows: 45fps
Shadows off: 46fps

Balanced Default settings: 58fps (shadows are not enabled on this setting)

I personally always turn shadows off, and choose to not display flora on the ground.
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Dreusyla Arashi Feb 10, 2014 @ 9:43pm 
sad my i5 3750k and amd 7870 has no problem running eq at max with bare minimum 20 fps in the most cluttered spots (guild halls) once everythings loaded in fps goes back up to 60
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