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littlebixy Jan 29 @ 1:46am
hi is this free to play or sub to play or play for free then sub
is this free to play or do you need to pay subscription after a set amount of levels or set time
thanks in advance
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cruinne Jan 29 @ 9:03am 
As far as I see it's free to play with a number of restrictions on free accounts. You can play for free as long as you like. However, F2P:

  • Can join guilds, but not create them.
  • Can receive mail, but not send it.
  • Can buy from the broker, but not sell on it.
  • Cannot make use of spells above Adept level.
  • Cannot use mercenaries.
  • Do not get live customer support.
  • Cannot choose "premium" races or classes.

Paying customers also get more character slots (a F2P account gets 4, but can add more at $10 USD each slot).
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littlebixy Jan 29 @ 9:30am 
ok thanks
Dreusyla Arashi Jan 29 @ 10:42am 
its not that bad of a model you can play up to level 90 and even raid if you wish to, and the gear restriction doesnt stop you much because crafted gear at higher levels comes damn close to legendary and even some fabled items
littlebixy Feb 1 @ 1:43am 
littlebixy Feb 1 @ 1:43am 
getting it now
4Nou Feb 2 @ 3:58am 
No -
That is a "Bad Model".

Because it isn't working.
littlebixy Feb 2 @ 4:56am 
ok couldnt get it anyway had to sort out a new steam libery on my hdd and i didnt get around to getting it
Neliel Tu Feb 2 @ 7:24am 
The model is not bad, because it does work. You can pay a sub and get everything for free, or go F2P and use up to Master crafted items, if you find a legendary you want to equip but still don't wish to sub you can just pay 50 cents to equip it, also can pay 5 dollars to get most of the perks of the gold membership, or you can pay in game money to buy a thing called a Krono which is 30 days of gold membership.
Dreusyla Arashi Feb 6 @ 4:24pm 
Originally posted by 4Nou:
No -
That is a "Bad Model".

Because it isn't working.
you keep saying this, yet many players have rediscovered thsi game and many still play it and have fun, be gone troll, you are not needed here
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