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Play as Metal Sonic (Mod)
by Lone Devil
My mod for the 2011 Re-release of Sonic CD, replaces all traces of Sonic to Metal Sonic. other changes include robotic voice samples, Sonic CD 510 Prototype Titlescreen theme for the JP Soundtrack, and 2 new hidden messages, see if you can find them yours...
Unlockables, Soundtest-Codes,Mods,100% Save File(and Achievments,kind of)
by Leonard
All the Unlockabled, how to unlock them, an extra mod and my own 100% save file...
Saviour of the Planet Guide
by Wirdjos
This is a guide to the location of the Roboticizer and Metal Sonic Hologram in each zone. This guide also includes a selected past signpost for each zone and an easy way into the past. There is a screenshot of each location to help with landmarks. Good lu...
Achievement guide (rus)
by Kyou
Achievement guide for russians, may contains spoilers....
Japanese/European Intro and Outro Lyrics Restoration
by Scrounder
This mod replaces the instrumental versions of "You Can Do Anything" and "Cosmic Eternity" with the original versions. All credit goes to XradicalD as he is the creator of this mod....
King of the Rings - achievement tips
by Flash~Step
Here are some tips to help you get the king of the rings achievement....
Sonic CD - Video Walkthrough - All Achievements
by Sweet Tooth
This guide will show in depth videos on each stage of Sonic CD including all the secrets and achievements...
Everything about Stage Select
by CorruptedVirus
Here you will learn exactly how to use Stage Select and how it works....
How to Play Sonic CD at Super Speeds!
by TheTrueBlueSonicFan
This is how to play Sonic CD at a really fast speed. The timer goes faster, Badniks move faster. BASICALLY THE GAME IS IN FAST FORWARD MODE!...
[DoItYourself] Have SonicBoom music in title screen
by StevenStrike
For an awkward reason, the title screen music isn't changed when choosing US or JP soundtrack, it will always read the JP Title music file. Since the US Music file is also present, lets swap those files !...
by @БZаЯ43Г
by @БZаЯ43Г
I think many people know that in Sonic CD have very strange and even a little scary Easter eggs with a secret message (maybe even a message). In my guide I will talk about it more......
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