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Ahzafera May 10 @ 3:52pm
umm... im a girl?
so ya... I beat the game once. Obviously not the best ending... Then I start a new game on file 2 on hard difficulty. And im a girl with a blue hat... why? Theres no way its Curly. Looks really human to me... does this change the story at all? please no spoilers where possible, thanks
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TwistDreamShade May 10 @ 4:00pm 
It does not change the story, but the character is supposed to look human in Hard mode. Hard also removes Life Capsules and Missiles.
Ahzafera May 10 @ 4:02pm 
oh ok. That makes sense. Humans are weaker than robots. This might be a little too hard though xD oh well. I'll keep going and see what happens. No way I can beat it
YipYapYoup (Qc) May 10 @ 11:33pm 
Have fun up until Monster X.
Ahzafera May 11 @ 8:19am 
ya lol. Only like 3 hp the whole game. Not gonna be much fun at some point xD I think I could take on Monster X alright. Might need a couple retries but ya...
AngryPotato May 12 @ 2:18pm 
Then wait till the fight with the Core. On hard I tried to kill that almost none stop for 4 hours! And when I finally did I scremend like an insane mental ward escapy.
Ahzafera May 13 @ 5:27am 
lol. I had a hard enough time with the core the first time. Then with the final fights, even worse, considering I sorta wasted my health pot on the final tunnel >.<
JK May 13 @ 10:29pm 
I remember my fight with the Core on hard mode.

I think that was also the day I had to be locked inside my room without my 3DS.
Ahzafera May 14 @ 5:37am 
lol. I love my 3DS
Noelan May 18 @ 6:18am 
The Core is pretty darn easy with the Snake, even on Hard Mode. I'm now on the final bosses with Snake and the Mimiga Mask (No booster). Wish me luck ._.
I've so far beaten misery, but then died at the doctor. I haven't tried more yet...
Ahzafera May 18 @ 8:07am 
wow thats insane o__o
Noelan May 18 @ 9:54am 
It sure is, but I'm at least not going for Ballos...
Oh the horrors...
Ahzafera May 18 @ 1:02pm 
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