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Sharq May 6 @ 10:28am
I just got the neutral ending with 3 hearts
I must have done last cave (hidden) 30 times, and tried at LEAST 80 times to do the "final" boss rush. (Misery and Doc kept teleporting literally ontop of me, and I didn't realize it was easier to KO Sue and THEN Misery before tackling the Core until like 10 attempts on the final fight)

I have a save sitting pretty now, ready to go into hell with 3 hearts, but in my last best-end playthrough I couldn't even do the U-turn in the first room without landing on a set of spikes to refill my boost gauge. How screwed am I?

Any tips? I have Snake and Sword, by the way.

Oh yeah, and feels good, mane.
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MasterLuigi452 May 6 @ 11:45pm 
This will help.

And get on my level and use Minimal Items.
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