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kevin mccallister Apr 1 @ 11:46am
Pixels next game, Kero Blaster - Windows/iPhone May 11th 2014
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kevin mccallister May 10 @ 8:25pm 
The game is out. You can buy it here for $7.99.
Dreamcast QuickScoper May 11 @ 12:42pm 
but i want it on steam...
kevin mccallister May 11 @ 2:20pm 
If you buy a game on Playism and they later release it on Steam it is likely that you will get a free Steam key. They have done it for other games like La-Mulana.
Dreamcast QuickScoper May 11 @ 2:38pm 
oh ok sick, thanks
Pardinuz May 11 @ 6:40pm 
Nice! thanks.
kevin mccallister May 12 @ 7:37pm 
It's looks like it's getting a 3DS release as well by Nicalis who did the 3DS and Steam versions of Cave Story+.
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