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[Synergies] 2H Engineer (WIP)
av BrainInBlack
Well, i was told it is impossible to play 2H Engi in the Synergies End-Game and this is my little attempt to prove them wrong......
Making an Endgame Character on the Cheap
av Soma
Money is pretty important in Torchlight 2, you can never have enough of it. Some people choose to farm maps with gold-find gear, but I find it too tedious. Here is how I made an endgame character that can clear Tarroch's Tomb, without breaking the bank....
Части робота. Гайд по нахождению и секретное задание!
av n1ckbr0ny
Кроме пасхальных яиц, разработчики Torchlight 2 хорошенько спрятали целую цепочку дополнительных заданий. В некоторых локациях Runic Games притаили ...
Mods installieren
av Thomas
Hallo zusammen, ich zeige euch heute anhand eines Beispieles, in dem ich den Synergies-Mod installiere, wie man Mods in Torchlight 2 einbindet...
Части робота (Квест)
av INaRuTQ
"Critter Crusher" achievement made easy
av Girlbeard
An easy way to avoid the tedium of finding 1000 squishable critters....
Beginners guide to fire embermage
av BvC.Kitty's Nodoka
This guide is going to go trough the very basics on how to beat the game with a embermage aswell on normal-veteran difficulty as a fire embermage. It will also go trough stats, spells, passives and itemizations. Optimized for Normal and Veteran difficulty...
Elite HC Summon ENG Build - no rerolling needed!!
av BvC.Kitty's Nodoka
Elite hardcore engineer build no rerolling needed!...
Свитки с Заклинаниями
av bi0nik
Общая информация, классификация, характеристики, секреты . ...
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