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The Battlemage
by NotAlchemic
The Battlemage is a fun class to play, and this guide will hopefully explain how to put one together. This is by no means a serious or powerful class, it is more of a loose outline of an enjoyable build. It is not a strict guide to follow, just some ideas...
All element Embermage build
by xXkazperXx
Guía para principiantes en la clase embermage. Desarrollaremos los tres tipos de magia del embermage, fire, ice y electric....
Скиталец (Элита, ХК)
by Sepsetto
Гайд на Скитальца 95+ lvl Elite HC NG++...
Fire Embermage Build
by xXkazperXx
Ice mage, fun to play and powerful
by Horus-fr
Want a mage build that is fun and interesting to play ? This build will give you : - the best starting character (free hp/mp regen, no need for expensive gear, great to farm items for your other classes) - an interesting gameplay with enough key...
Two-Handed Engineer and Survivability Guide v1.3
by [MuBn]:Valcius
An Engineer guide that utilizes two-handed weapons with emphasis on survivability....
Kardfogu's Guide to Emberquakers
by Kardfogu
This is my long-promised guide for playing with one of the common builds, the Emberquaker. Well, I didn't invent the wheel, Emberquakers are quite common, my addition is minimal to the guide, except for gear, that's where I worked really hard to find you...
Howling Berserker
by TheMasterBlaster
This Berserker build creates a damage feedback loop that lets you obliterate everything in sight, even if it's not close to you. The more mobs there are the faster they all die and the stonger you get. If you enjoy being right in the middle of the action ...
Kardfogu's Guide to Glaivelanders
by Kardfogu
Another guide from me on one of the common builds, the Glaivelander. Guess what, I didn't invent the wheel, Glaivelanders are common, but I did my best to show you some alternatives, because Glaivelander are really far from being perfect....
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