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Kardfogu's Guide to Shooty Outlanders
by Kardfogu
Shooty Outlanders are considered to be the hard-way, but quite the contrary, they are the easiest way to play Outlanders. Shooties have overwhelming damage, unmatched crowd control and they are fun to play! Shooty Outlanders are actually the Torchlight I...
Инженер-маг, сила молнии и огня!
by N7
Попробуйте для себя крайне интересный, эффектный и нестандартный способ игры за Инженера! Немного поразмыслив о механике игры, мне пришла ...
[EN] Shadowling ammo / Charge-generation
by nervezwerg
A short explanation of the shadowling ammo skill and the charge-generation of an outlander....
Kardfogu's Guide to Emberquakers
by Kardfogu
This is my long-promised guide for playing with one of the common builds, the Emberquaker. Well, I didn't invent the wheel, Emberquakers are quite common, my addition is minimal to the guide, except for gear, that's where I worked really hard to find you...
Torchlight II - Русификатор
by Johnn_IRK
☠ Русификатор для Torchlight 2 - полностью работоспособный и исправный, устанавливается парой нажатий, т.е установил-забыл и ушёл наслаждаться...
Two-Handed Engineer and Survivability Guide v1.3
by [MuBn]:Valcius
An Engineer guide that utilizes two-handed weapons with emphasis on survivability....
Ice mage, fun to play and powerful
by Horus-fr
Want a mage build that is fun and interesting to play ? This build will give you : - the best starting character (free hp/mp regen, no need for expensive gear, great to farm items for your other classes) - an interesting gameplay with enough key...
List of Console cheats.
by Zorlac
This is a list of console cheats that you can enable in Torchlight 2. WARNING! When playing online, modified versions of Torchlight 2 will be marked with a “suspicious player” flag. Not all commands will mark your game as modified. Many of these co...
Прокачка Эмберлинга
by Diprais
Раскачка мага которым просто играть и довольно легко можно пройти мастера....
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