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Kardfogu's Basic Guide to Torchlight II
by Kardfogu
This is a guide about Torchlight II, with basic information about most aspects of the game. And don't forget, the only rule of Torchlight II is: You should play it as you like to play it. (The guide is yet unfinished, stay tuned for more!)...
Outlander Pistoleer
by TheMasterBlaster
This is a pure Outlander dual pistol build. It does not rely on glaives or Venomous Hail to do its dirty work. This build is tons of fun, and it has several good defensive and offensive skills. If you enjoy watching hordes of mobs simultaneously explode i...
Kardfogu's Guide to Prismatic Bolt Embermage
by Kardfogu
Another build of mine for one of the common builds, the Prismatic Bolt Embermage. Again, I didn't invent the wheel, Prismatic Bolt Embermages are extremely common, my guide doesn't add much to it, but I'll cover the most I can....
Elite Tank Cannon Engineer
by azure
It's funny when people throw around the word tank, when clearly it most aptly describes this build. This is a cannon engineer build focused on survivability without sacrificing killing potential. Unlike most builds, you could play through the game naked, ...
Ice mage, fun to play and powerful
by Horus-fr
Want a mage build that is fun and interesting to play ? This build will give you : - the best starting character (free hp/mp regen, no need for expensive gear, great to farm items for your other classes) - an interesting gameplay with enough key...
Berserker Guide **Ravage Build**
by Crankky
Small Guide with Tipps n Tricks about a 'Ravage' focused Build for the Berserker. Including what Skills to take, how to use them and some of my 'Best in Place Equip'. WARNING: My English is not the best. This Guide is not perfect. I...
Shadow Berserker
by Takku
This is my Shadow Berserker (27/30/75) build guide. It's still a work in progress (so check back regularly!) because I'm always trying to optimize the damage output (preferrably while not dying all the time), but it should be a start if you're trying to f...
Ghostbusters Engineer
by TheMasterBlaster
This full-blown cannon Engineer build takes advantage of some of the most powerful skills in the game. The graphics and animations of the Engineer's backpack and certain skills give this build its name because it looks very reminiscent of the Ghostbusters...
Two-Handed Engineer and Survivability Guide v1.3
by [MuBn]:Valcius
An Engineer guide that utilizes two-handed weapons with emphasis on survivability....
Dual-Wielding Storm Engineer (Current status: lvl100, Veteran NG+++)
by Venom
An advanced dual wield guide for the engineer class. It uses two 1h melee weapons (surprise) and the opportunities of Overload and Coup de Grace....
Understanding Torchlight 2
by Sharmech
In this Guide I will be talking about gameplay facts and how they can be used in advanced gameplay. Some information taken from: Thanks for all the feedback!...
Die Hard Berserker Build
by Furkalka
I thought i would share my die hard build with you guys that has been doing really well for me and also is a blast to play. This build focuses on using your basic auto attack to deal most your damage. It saddens me to see that regular auto attacks a...
Howling Berserker
by TheMasterBlaster
This Berserker build creates a damage feedback loop that lets you obliterate everything in sight, even if it's not close to you. The more mobs there are the faster they all die and the stonger you get. If you enjoy being right in the middle of the action ...
List of Console cheats.
by Zorlac
This is a list of console cheats that you can enable in Torchlight 2. WARNING! When playing online, modified versions of Torchlight 2 will be marked with a “suspicious player” flag. Not all commands will mark your game as modified. Many of these co...
Torchlight II buildworks
by StrUktO
here you can find descriptions and videos on all kinds of TL2 builds, vanilla, synergies and others feel free to make suggestions and please rate!!! ... pbJ9E6_cnL so far it contains the following builds: ...
Raging Berserker
by Waterflame
The Most Insane Powerful Berserker You Will Ever See. This Guide Is Going To Tell You How To Make A Raging Berserker! Now, Im Not Telling You How To Play The Game Or Anything So You Dont Have To Follow It To The Dot, Ok?...
Fire Embermage Build
by xXkazperXx
Extra Crispy Pyromage
by TheMasterBlaster
Everybody likes playing with fire, right? This build is a great introduction to the Embermage class. It's a simple and straightforward build, yet extremely effective. This build combines powerful ranged and melee attacks with powerful DoTs to burn your en...
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