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Category: Gameplay Basics
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Скиталец (Элита, ХК)
by Sepsetto
Гайд на Скитальца 95+ lvl Elite HC NG++...
CritMage (Dexterity Build Embermage) + helps with Thinking Critically, Massive Crits and Hypercritical Acheivements
by The Vhampster
This guide will introduce you to the CritMage (aka. Dexterity Mage build) and how to use it properly to avoid insta-kills. This is a fun and wacky build for both hardcore and casual players. You can rack up CRITS for acheivements with this build! S...
How to play host an online game [no port forward] [multiplayer]
by BOBdotEXE
It can be quite annoying to set up multiplayer, but in this guide, I'll show you how to do it without port forwarding!...
Torchlight II - Русификатор
by Johnn_IRK
☠ Русификатор для Torchlight 2 - полностью работоспособный и исправный, устанавливается парой нажатий, т.е установил-забыл и ушёл наслаждаться...
How to PvP in Torchlight 2
by -Spyy1-
Akimbo Outlander
by Waterflame
Now, Whoever said that characters used specific weapons...?...
Guide to Emotes
by StealthMomo
Take a break, lighten up and do some crazy emotes for a change....
Understanding Torchlight 2
by Sharmech
In this Guide I will be talking about gameplay facts and how they can be used in advanced gameplay. Some information taken from: Thanks for all the feedback!...
Guide:How far you can see in each display resolution ?
by Eiran=A欄既卒[JP]
This guide tells you how far you can see in each resolution setting. thanks and sorry for my English....
Die Hard Berserker Build
I thought i would share my die hard build with you guys that has been doing really well for me and also is a blast to play. This build focuses on using your basic auto attack to deal most your damage. It saddens me to see that regular auto attacks a...
How to earn those crazy money-related acheivements!
by The Vhampster
How to earn those crazy achievements with OR without modding! -The One Percent -Gambling Fiend -Trash Magnate -Socketeer -Ice Breaker...
Ultimate Guide 종합 가이드
by Sean Hur
Both in Korean and English // 초강력 법사 가이드 Super Embermage Guide // 예전 Blizzard North팀이면 한국이 게임시장에서 좋은시장이라 생각하고 공략할텐데 Torchlight II 홈피의 계정등록싸이트 (My Runic...
Torchlight 2 Succé story
Vous êtes fan du jeu Torchlight 2 : Des personnages, paysages ou de l'atmosphère du jeu ? Vous souhaitez personnaliser votre écran PC ? Télécharger gratuitement un nouveau fond d'écran Torchlight 2 (wallpaper) à partir de photos et dessins de v...
Standard Gold Farming Guide
by WaffleWarrior
Edit: This guide is for vanilla/unmodded Torchlight. The Syngeries Mod increases drop rates and includes the Deserted Gold Mine map which you can buy which basically dumps gold into your face by the bucketload. So, if you feel guilty exploiting the pha...
DW Engineer | Burst through your enemies
by Nesslow
Ever got tired of running around behind that shield ? This build will make you pick up yet another weapon and burst right into the middle of your enemies to make flesh and blood fly everywhere. This build has taken me through NG+5 Elite and now its time ...
How to change the Ingame Hotkeys, Enable console, & Other Settings
by Wyldbill
Changing the function any button on the keyboard is very easy and requires around five minutes of your time....
Shadow Berserker
by Takku
This is my Shadow Berserker (27/30/75) build guide. It's still a work in progress (so check back regularly!) because I'm always trying to optimize the damage output (preferrably while not dying all the time), but it should be a start if you're trying to f...
List of Console cheats.
by Zorlac
This is a list of console cheats that you can enable in Torchlight 2. WARNING! When playing online, modified versions of Torchlight 2 will be marked with a “suspicious player” flag. Not all commands will mark your game as modified. Many of these co...
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