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Category: Gameplay Basics
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Ultimate Torchlight II Guide
by Omnisciurus
The ultimate guide for everything you ever need to know about Torchlight II....
Torchlight II - Гайд по всем достижениям
by d1zo
Гайд по всем достижения в игре Torchlight II. В особо сложных достижениях присутствуют подсказки и ссылки на других авторов. Гайд был создан при п...
MeleeMage and a General Guide to Gameplay
by a timeless zamboni
I will be talking about my experience and impressions of playing Embermage without staff or wand and explaining what I did and a little about my reasons behind that....
Making an Endgame Character on the Cheap
by Soma
Money is pretty important in Torchlight 2, you can never have enough of it. Some people choose to farm maps with gold-find gear, but I find it too tedious. Here is how I made an endgame character that can clear Tarroch's Tomb, without breaking the bank....
Beginners guide to fire embermage
by -Nodoka-
This guide is going to go trough the very basics on how to beat the game with a embermage aswell on normal-veteran difficulty as a fire embermage. It will also go trough stats, spells, passives and itemizations. Optimized for Normal and Veteran difficulty...
Elite HC Summon ENG Build - no rerolling needed!!
by -Nodoka-
Elite hardcore engineer build no rerolling needed!...
Свитки с Заклинаниями
by bi0nik
Общая информация, классификация, характеристики, секреты . ...
[EN] Shadowling ammo / Charge-generation
by nervezwerg
A short explanation of the shadowling ammo skill and the charge-generation of an outlander....
Secret Rooms (Torchlight 2)
by Blue-Eyed Cat
Where and how to find them...
Torchlight 2 mechanics
by Val
I'm quite surprised there are no guide about torchlight 2 mechanics. This forced me to dig runic games forum and do various tests myself. Since finding info really takes a lot of time, I've decided to write this guide to help new players....
Ingeniero Hardcore Elite
by Cernaros
Recientemente pude completar el logro de vencer al NetherLord en el modo Hardcore dificultad Elite. La verdad es que me costó mucho, hace tiempo que venía intentando completarlo y perdí unos cinco personajes en el camino, hasta que al fin encontré la ...
Скиталец (Элита, ХК)
by Sepsetto
Гайд на Скитальца 95+ lvl Elite HC NG++...
CritMage (Dexterity Build Embermage) Torchlight II
by Blue-Eyed Cat
This guide will introduce you to the CritMage (aka. Dexterity Mage build) and how to use it properly to avoid insta-kills. This is a fun and wacky build for both hardcore and casual players. You can rack up CRITS for acheivements with this build! S...
How to play host an online game [no port forward] [multiplayer]
by BOBdotEXE
It can be quite annoying to set up multiplayer, but in this guide, I'll show you how to do it without port forwarding!...
Torchlight II - Русификатор
by Johnn_IRK
☠ Русификатор для Torchlight 2 - полностью работоспособный и исправный, устанавливается парой нажатий, т.е установил-забыл и ушёл наслаждаться...
How to PvP in Torchlight 2
by Eclipse™
Akimbo Outlander
by Waterflame
Now, Whoever said that characters used specific weapons...?...
Guide to Emotes
by StealthMomo
Take a break, lighten up and do some crazy emotes for a change....
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