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Bonder 2012年10月8日 16時35分
do Glaive throw, non-weap skills spawn Shadowlings?
pretty much a quick yea/ nay question. O,r if there are specific skills which dont spawn them that you know of, pls list... I've started an outlander and could use some help. Thanks in advance.
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Ragnarok 2012年10月8日 20時31分 
I was wondering this myself, and also a related question: Does Elemental Mastery affect glaive damage?
Xyzzymas 2012年10月8日 20時48分 
Does it spawn them? Yes.
Does Elemental Mastery affect glaive damage? I can't help on this one.
Bonder 2012年10月8日 20時52分 
ok thanks Xyzzymas
jakgrant 2012年10月8日 20時55分 
Do you mean elemental mastery or Master of Elements ? If it's the latter. Simple way to know is read the damage glaive throw does. If it talks about physical damage then no, if it mentions elemental damage, then yes.
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