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wife getting experience faster than me.
so we're playing over lan on veteran. first game i was engineer and she was outlander. every level she got just a little bit farther ahead of me experience wise.

so we started a new game both playing outlanders just to see. and even though i'm getting more kills, the exact same thing is happening, and she is getting a little farther ahead each level up.

we've checked the forums and haven't seen anybody else having this problem. is this normal? and we've checked she's not wearing anything that gives extra experience. thanks.
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nander Oct 6, 2012 @ 1:24pm 
If she deals more damage/kills more she get' s more XP. Once you get ahead you do more damage and get farther ahead.

And another possibility: maybe she cheats (pun intended) on you (plays when you're not there and acts like she' s just better than you are xD).
i thought maybe it was just the engineer being a lot slower, but we just started the outlanders today, and some of the time she's hung back and not killed anybody, for long stretches of time, but yet she still keeps getting further ahead.

so you're saying it's normal for whoever is ahead to keep getting further ahead? is it a shared experience thing where even though i kill a monster she gets an equal amount of experience, or just half the experience or none at all? were not sure how it works.
Sir 0verlow Oct 6, 2012 @ 1:56pm 
You sure she doesn't have any experience boost items?
yeah we've checked several times, we just don't get it. i'm considering just reinstalling to see if that fixes it. i probably will tomorrow.
i forgot to mention that when we checked at about level 8-10, somewhere in there, she had already double the fame i had. anyways i just reinstalled so we'll play till about 10 on some new characters and see if it fixed it.
Welll epxerience in multiplayer is like this (loading screen even says it):

If a player is nearby (on the same map) they will gain full exp for the monster killed... so aslong as u guys are on the same map she can lay back and u can practically lvl her
thanks (OoS) FapyN The Soulreaper, we'll experiment with that for a while and see. we just started me an embermage and her an engineer, and even at level 3 with me killing 70 percent of the creatures and her wearing nothing experience related, she is starting to pull ahead in experience. we've never seen anything like it.
the wife and i have always tried to maintain the same level of experience in these kinds of games going back to diablo on the playstation, if one of us got ahead the other one would hang back a while and let the other one catch up. we understand that that is probably not a common thing but thats why we happened to notice it in this game.

so taking what (OoS) said into account, we just started 2 new characters over lan with her hosting instead of me this time. not that we thought that would matter but we're trying anything at this point.

i did all the kiiling for three levels, all of it, except for maybe the random kill that her dog got. the first level like usual we got at the same time. the second level she got like usual a little before me. the third level she got even faster then that. AND I WAS DOING ALL THE KILLING!

now when this is happening every level up it very quickly gets out of hand, especially for people like us who tend to notice it. we just can't fathom how this is possible when she isn't wearing any extra experience gear.
Boy Weevil Oct 6, 2012 @ 9:25pm 
Definitely sounds like something fishy is going on. Have you posted on the official Runic forums?
nope i've never gone there sphider dan. thats good advice though, i'll go check them out today.
Listerfiend Oct 7, 2012 @ 9:35am 
my friend and i had this problem when he was an engineer and i was an embermage. Does she continue to fight mobs when you are dead? If so you arnt getting the xp... you can also try catching up a bit alone while she is taking a break.
yeah thats what we figured we'd do listerfiend, just have me solo for a little bit to keep up. usually if one of us dies we just fall back till the one who died can catch up.

no biggie i guess, just kind of annoying, we still love the game though, and especially the developers for not being greedy like everybody else.
galagast Oct 18, 2012 @ 12:12am 
Hmm that is really strange.. I'll just throw out ideas here:
1. Could you guys check if she has her pet set to always attack?
2. Not sure if this has any significance since playing lan games has it's own difficulty setting, could she have started her character set to a different difficulty than yours?
3. I noticed that even if I am on the same map as my teammates, I don't always receive XP, I need to be NEAR them to gain XP.. so we can't solo and spread out on a dungeon. Are you guys always in visible screen range?
4. Lastly.. a ballpark hunch... maybe there's some perks as to being a female character in game? ^_^
thanks for those suggestions galagast. i didn't think about the possibility of her pet being on always attack. tonight we'll have to fire it up and check it.

about the hunch you had, now that you mention it it did seem more noticable when she was playing the female gunslinger then when she was playing a male engineer. that could just be faulty memory though, it's been awhile since we fired it up. i'll give it an investigate either tonight or more likely friday.
galagast Oct 18, 2012 @ 1:45am 
Cool, keep us posted on the results, I'm as curious as you are in this ^_^
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