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intorpere 13 януари 2013 в 9:03 сутринта
Any Good Camera Mods / Hacks?
The camera in this game makes me feel half blind and claustrophobic, has anyone been able to make any improvements to it?
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Team.HDW | reflaSh 13 януари 2013 в 11:27 сутринта 
intorpere 18 януари 2013 в 4:26 следобед 
This is perfect, thanks. I tried searching the runic forums a while back, not sure why I didn't find it.
Schump 28 юли 2013 в 3:13 сутринта 
Hey guys,

I really don't get it... - could someone explain me the correct installation process?

I've copied the files in my Torchlight 2 folder (steam\steamApps\common\Torchlight II\....). After that i've started "TLC2Cam.exe" to make/check the button preferences (mmb). Than i've started "Torchlight2.exe" to play - but if i press/hold shift+middle mouse button and move the mouse nothing happens?! I've also changed the button from "mmb" to keyboard "enter" - no effect too! :-( What's my mistake? And what do you do with the "scr" folder? I've copied it in my main folder too...
I've started a normal game (Torchlight without mods - because i can't choose the camera mod as a mod). The camera-mod works with existing savegames or does it only work i've i start a new game?

Best regards from germany! ;)
intorpere 8 август 2013 в 12:07 сутринта 
IIRC, it wasn't that complicated. There wasn't really any installation, didn't need to copy any files. Just ran TL2 Cam from my desktop, at the same time as the game. I think I might have started the game first, then alt-tabbed out to start the camera mod, but not sure. It's been a while.
Memo Rexx 8 август 2013 в 12:13 сутринта 
roberto tomás 12 март 2014 в 8:04 сутринта 
anyone know how I can set it up so this automatically launches before TL2 does?
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Torchlight II > Общи дискусии > Подробности за темата
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