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B3SaTT 2013年1月2日 15時05分
Bug !
When i quit my game that make you come to the menu that is fine ! But when i click back internet the game froze and i can't do anything i have to kill the process whit alt+ctrl+del is boring have to relaunch the game everytime i want to switch game !
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]Ƥ[-Longbeard the Pirate Turtle 2013年1月2日 15時06分 
I have not had any issues so far.
◐ SupahPhantastic ◑ 2013年1月2日 15時13分 
Well you shouldn't be running internet and Torchlight at the same time if you don't have a really good computer switching out of torchlight can crash it
B3SaTT 2013年1月2日 15時24分 
Torchlight run perfectly ! Is just when i try to relog to rejoin anohter game !
Zidders Roofurry 2013年1月2日 16時33分 
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