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JozefW 2013年1月2日 9時01分
Looking for someone to co-op with...
Im looking for someone to co-op with. I'm only level seven as I only just downloaded it yesterday,if anyone is around that level and would like to do someone co-op add me or ask me to add you on here. Im UK btw. :D
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Raoul[GER] 2013年1月2日 9時14分 
add me
Ivan121992 2013年1月2日 9時41分 
add me too, i download it yesterday...
Yatesy 2013年1月2日 10時03分 
yeh hey guys add me too if you want. i want to start a new character and looking for someone to play with
hello 2013年1月2日 10時47分 
How is coop. Are there lots of people playing coop? Do u have to do via friends or are there lobbys?
Longbeard 2013年1月2日 15時11分 
There's a lobby (just choose the internet option when starting a game). None of my friends play Torchlight so I just join random games near my level. A lot of people host open games like that.
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+ChaosTheory+ 2013年1月2日 16時09分 
Add me too dude. Although I will be behind since I'm only downloading the game right now.
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