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DeadPoolX 2013年1月1日 13時17分
Torchlight II vs Titan Quest
Not looking to get into a heavy debate here, I just want to know if Torchlight II is worth purchasing if I already own Titan Quest (and its expansion).

By "worth it" I mean is the game different enough to warrant purchasing two copies -- one for my wife and one for me.

I know the two games are similar in many ways, but what're the major differences?

Thanks ahead of time! :)
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ragnar119 2013年1月1日 14時05分 
TL2 is much faster game, with better combat flow, animation (and gore.. you can turn it off if you don't like it =)). The game is randomized, where TQ all areas are static. The class system is difrent, than..... why am I writing this when you can play the demo... so PLAY THE DEMO, IT IS FREE, AND IF YOU LIKE IT YOU CAN BUY THE GAME AND CONTINUE TO PLAY WHERE YOU STOPPED IN THE DEMO.

ALSO LOVE TITAN QUEST AND CANT WAIT FOR GRIM DAWN (people that made TQ are working on their new game)
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SilverSnakes 2013年1月1日 14時21分 
yes if u enjoy rpgs youll enjoy torchlight 2 though story isnt much. The Classes are different where as in TQ you can choose 2. While in TL2 you only get what you pick. As in builds gear ect torchlight 2 seems like its better in this reguard uniques feel unique. An theirs a few builds for each class try if you decide to pick it up an need a run down of builds. Last but not least you dont have to beat the game to unlock harder difficulties. So if your wife and yourself feel like hackslash pros you can play on elite or if you want to be a lil more casual you could do that as well. Basicly you cant go wrong if you both love rpgs BUY THIS GAME.
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Slayerino 2013年1月1日 14時51分 
so, i own tq, tl2, d2 and d3, also poe. and they are all different enough to own them all :)
and yeah, play the demo, it's worth.
Madfish 2013年1月1日 15時21分 
Titan Quest had a much better athmosphere. But that is subjective. If I were you I'd just try the demo and decide. :)
Zidders Roofurry 2013年1月1日 18時58分 
TQ was boring as hell save for the build variety. Torchlight II is way more fun and has a lot more to offer. Plus, TQ got really repetitive. Not IRon Lore's fault, THQ killed a lot of that games potential. I'm hoping Crate does better with Grim Dawn. Dude, TL II is ten bucks. You cant go wrong...even when its 20. Its worth way more.
Atech66 2013年1月2日 15時50分 
no comparison this is hands down the winner
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Velimirius 2013年1月2日 16時02分 
Both are great games, and u wont regret getting TL2.
lewdy 2013年1月2日 17時22分 
I love Titan Quest ,but he was 2 years ago.
ragnar119 2013年1月3日 2時17分 
lewdy の投稿を引用:
I love Titan Quest ,but he was 2 years ago.

LOL man, the game was released in 2006 xD, and it expansion on begining of 2007. The gams is much older than 2 years.
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*oblon@brainAFK 2013年1月3日 6時14分 
TL have a good mod community and the levels are random...TL1 have mods for about 20-30 extra classes and tons of extra content...with TL2 and his mp part the game will get more mods. i enjoyed TQ but i was boring after 2-3 playtroughs...
JohnGReco 2013年1月3日 6時18分 
"TorchLight 2" is worth it. (It is simmilar to Diablo 3 and Titan Quest)
It has it's own beauty as a game.
*oblon@brainAFK 2013年1月3日 6時22分 
DesperateG の投稿を引用:
"TorchLight 2" is worth it. (It is simmilar to Diablo 3 and Titan Quest)
It has it's own beauty as a game.

1st place: Torchlight 2 (LAN, mod support & great developer)
2nd place: Titans Quest (cool skillsystem but every game was like the game before)
3rd place: Diablo 3 (was disappointed in this overhyped game)
Breakin my butt 2013年1月3日 16時12分 
TL2 feels more fluid, the game moves at a good pace and the maps never feel overly repetitive like TQ did for me. I will commend that TQ did have a decent leveling system where you could combine two different classes out of several choices where TL2 is one class with three different trees to choose from. Interestingly enough, it works well, you can build unique characters from one another (I ran two engineers through different builds) and functions fine.

If you're a fan of ARPG, you're not gonna go wrong here, you'll definitely get a solid couple play-thrus at the very least along with new things to play with when the proper mod tools for TL2 are released. You can't go wrong with it.
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