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Ironman HCE challenge - Ongoing challenge !
We are a 4 guys who are attempting an Ironman on Torchlight 2, similar to what is described here:

We follow these rules
  • We play in Hardcore mode
  • We can't use any item we didn't find ourselves, or get by a quest. This includes : no buying from NPCs, and no buying via pet as well.
  • We can't repeat an area or boss
  • We can't go back to town unless you have to (to complete progress-stopping quests)
  • We allow to come back to the game after a death if it's early enough (so before entering Temple Steppes basically). After that, if one dies, the others have to keep going (we'll restart if there's only one of us left).

I guess the only exception we can have is for the enchanters you find in dungeons.
Of course, the difficulty is Elite.

This is our party :
  • Autentist (ekuznetsov) as Engineer
  • potterman28wxcv as Embermage
  • rivolf as Berzerker
  • yourfavcolour (norf norf) as Outlander

Videos :
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Unicarn Feb 26 @ 3:50am 
People used to do Ironman competitions in Diablo. They'd have teams of 3 players (one of each class) try to get as far as they could.

It'd be interesting to see how far 4 people in Torchlight 2 could go.
Originally posted by Unicarn:
People used to do Ironman competitions in Diablo. They'd have teams of 3 players (one of each class) try to get as far as they could.

It'd be interesting to see how far 4 people in Torchlight 2 could go.
In Diablo (the first one I assume) it's very hard because the loot is shared. See that health potion ? You have to decide who will take it. And Diablo 1 is heavily reliant on potions.. You have absolutely no mana/health regen there.

Oh, and there is also friendly fire in Diablo 1. So ranged characters have to make sure they don't hit friends by mistake. Fun :p

I tried my hand on such a run in Diablo 1 once (without knowing it was called Ironman). Usually I can't go after 4th floor. If you're warrior, lack of health potions. If you're mage, lack of mana potions. Maybe your only chance is with the Rogue, since you can kite without spending a tiny bit of mana.. and you surely have less health consumption than the warrior. But then you gotta make sure you have a couple of bows in your inventory :p
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If any of you is interested, post here and say that you are interested ! I'd like a full 4-players party. My only condition to join is that you must be in Europe - not because I don't like americans or asians/australians, but because of 1) ping problems - if high pings we will get hit by invisible monsters etc.. and 2) it's easiest to plan a time to meet up.

Please post below your location, and the classes you'd like to play. I guess we could arrange a Discord for this challenge

Player list:
  • potterman28wxcv. Preferred classes: Engineer or Embermage. Location: France
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
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We have 3 players so far, we just miss one and we're good to go ! :)
Bump ! We're all very motivated, we just need a fourth one to join us. Even if you don't have any experience in Hardcore it's alright we do it for fun :)
We just started today our first session ! Two deaths already very early, and a hard beginning (that damn champion wolf in Temple Steppes), but it went smoothly after that. We will attempt to defeat Grell next time.

As for our deaths, since we were early enough in the game, instead of having everyone restarting we allowed to join back. But now that we're gone past Temple Steppes we won't allow it anymore, and if one of us dies, the rest of the group will have to continue without him.

I'm uploading the video right now and will keep this thread updated with our advancement !
steffire3 Mar 12 @ 12:35am 
Sounds fun !

Looking forward to seeing these videos of the action.
Video about our first day :

Today we have beaten Act 1, but at the cost of 2 fallen heroes. The outlander died one-shot before Grell, mostly due to some desync :/ And the Berzerker dashed into a group of mages in Frosted Hills.

We only have the Embermage and the Engineer left, but we have a pretty decent gear so I hope we will make it to at least the Luminous Area :)
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