MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus

Freyar Oct 8, 2013 @ 2:06am
Questions Before Buying
First, I'm mainly just a hobbyist. A lot of what I do is merely for my playing around. The deal going on now is nice, but I need to know that this editor will do what I need.

How does it handle video sources at 2560x1440? Can it render to that resolution as well?

How easy is it to put in overlays and/or watermarking? Does it have some arbitrary upper and lower limit to an image's size? (I remember my short dabble with Vegas did a long, long time ago.)

I see that the advertising points for this software says that audio from a video track is kept on the same track as the video. Can I disable this so that I can have free access to replacing or mixing that audio with other pieces as needed?

Can this software be used to adequately work on time-lapse videos (for camera-based captures and software based captures like FRAPS)?

How extensive of an offering does this application have with filters, tools, and so on for purchase and free? What is the likelihood of me having to ponk down money for another thing I need?

How is registration handled? Is this handled by Steam automatically, or is this based on some seperate registration page?

Are there activation limits or DRM utilities I should be aware of? (I do have multiple machines I work on.) Is the license good only for one PC? Or is this a license specifically for my personal use?

If there are activation limits, are they restored over time? A hard limit? A "Contact Support if you need more"?

If I choose to seek the program's use for business, do I need to buy a business license? Can I have that available through Steam as well?