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A few words about 'Diggy Diggy Hole' achievement / Добываем ачивку "Копать-колотить ту дырку!"
par Hengikjoptr
How much time one will need to complete this achievement. Сколько нужно уделить времени взятию этой и только этой ачивки....
Getting Infinite Wood (Quicker)
par ♠Ungodly Wafflez (w/o syrup)♠
Yes, the title says it all. There's a glitch which will make you get infinite wood faster. First step, build a wooden block. Second, click on button 4 (sell button) and move your cursor on the block but don't click on it or it would be sold. Third step, c...
Money making! the easy way
par Nlghth4wk
Have a few fertilization stones and grow much wood, sell it and buy whatever you need =) Just like that. Put workers on the stones....
How To Get Many Resources
What I am presenting is nothing new. This is for people who are VERY new to the game and are having a hard time trying to collect resources. Sollution= A strip mine. What is a Strip Mine?= A strip mine is often a large area mined out, and then moved...
Gameplay Basics
par Ariadne
A full introduction to A Game Of Dwarves for beginners....
Walkthrough Part 1: Hemland
par Ariadne
A walkthrough that covers The Backyard (1-1) and The Trial (1-2)....