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shadowxsoul 12 фев, 2013 в 0:18
Having multiple graphics issues.
I've been having several issues with my graphics, the most notable of which being my camera angle problem.

When I first played it i noticed something odd, in that I couldnt see the bottom edge of the screen (as in i couldnt even see the guy's portrait), but if i go to options and press apply or ok (even if i dont change anything) the screen goes black for a moment then shows normal. I've also noticed a wierd line moving down the screen, i dont know why it does that.

I've also had a really bad problem with the camera angle slowly drifting downwards. I thought it just happened when I exited the game and reloaded my save afterwards, but I just tried to play a new campaign, doing each level in one-go, and I still have the problem. Clearly, the camera angle is slowly falling downwards as i play.

I also tried to enable those hidden camera controls i've heard about, but it doesnt work for some reason.

I'm thinking that there is something wrong with my computer which is causing all this, and I would love to have a solution to it, especcially since the camera angle problem is preventing me from completing the third level.

I am running windows 7 with a geforce 9800 gt card. I make sure to keep my computer up-to-date.

I have no idea if my game is patched or not, I got it off of steam last thursday, and I do have access to dark mode (speaking of which, it doesn't work half the time, i forgot to mention that, often it'll work during the game but if i start fiddling with the video options trying to get the camera angle to go back up it'll turn off).
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shadowxsoul 15 фев, 2013 в 22:12 
I paid $10 for this game, and i get something that doesnt even work. I'm not going to buy anything on steam ever again if this is the kind of quality that i can expect.
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